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Music projects as a leader:

 Andy Bartosh- "Radio 1" (1993),  Andy Bartosh- "ZZ74" (2005),  Andy Bartosh- "Wildnis" (2015)  

Alice In the Fields (1995-2000):  2 Albums: Lost In Dreams, Smile, 3 Singles. 

Andy´s title "smile" reached top chart positions in Austria, Russia & Spain), more than 35 weeks heavy rotation on Ö3 and other stations. AITF was a duo project by Myriam Filz & Andy Bartosh.

Triomobü Quartett (2009-2017): 2 albums, Andy wrote most of the songs and lyrics. He arranged, produced, and mixed the Albums. 

Trickopop (2007) : A album project by andy Bartosh, Volker Wadauer and Mirjam Wällstedt.The song "paint the world" was covered by Curt Smith from Tears For Fears.

Current projects:

"Combo Simpatico" (click for more infos)


"Andy Bartosh Xperience" (click for more infos)

alice in the fields.jpg
alice in the fields.jpg
alice in the fields.jpg

Founder of Jam Music Lab Conservatory/

Private University:

Jam Music Lab was founded and built up from scratch by:

Andy BartoshMarcus Ratka & Joe Valentin

Works as shareholder & chief executive from 2011-2017  

Since 2017 Andy is lecturer of Solistenensemble, Stageband, Guitar (main subject)


Jam Music Lab Conservatory 

Jam Music Lab Private University (since 2017)


Music collaborations (alphabetical order):


Alice In The Fields  ·  

Balis  ·  

Monika Ballwein  ·  

Bass Encounters (DVD prod. with Rufus Reid,

Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen u.a) ·

Music for Red bull ·

Doretta Carter ·

Heli Deinboek ·

Birgit Denk ·

Alex Deutsch ·

Krzysztof Dobrek ·

Donovan ·

Bumi Fian ·

Filmwerkstatt Wien ·

Rounder Girls ·

Jazz Gitti ·

Go feat. Eddie Cole ·

Magdalena Grabher ·

Roman Gregory ·

Patrice Heral ·

karl Hodina ·

Florian Holoubeck ·

Claudia K.·

Alex Kahr ·

Tini Kainrath ·

Karmakanic · 

Carl Kaye · 

Peter Kraus ·

johannes Krisch ·

Hansi Lang ·

Langbein & Skalnik ·

Oliver Malli ·

Paulus Manker ·

Georgij Makazaria ·

Edita Madita Malovcic ·

Idris Muhammad ·

National Geographics ·

Kurt Ostbahn ·

Stefan Pelzl · 


Richard Österreicher ·  

Thomas Rabitsch ·

Karl Ratzer ·

Louisiana Red · 

Jonas Reingold · 


Karl Sayer ·

Christina Stürmer · 

Wolfgang Schlögl · 

Joschi Schneeberger ·

Straichelzoo ·

Harri Stojka ·

Sü-vaal ·

Valerie Sajdik ·

Slow Club ·

Mick Taylor ·

Trickopop ·

Triomobü Quartett ·

Franziska Weisz ·

Stefan Weber ·

Heimo Wiederhofer ·

Klaus Wienerroither · 

Paul Urbanek 

and many more.....

Composer of music for film, commercials, ORF:

Secrets Of Eden - TV Asahi  (Japan)

Al Capone The Untouchable Legend 

Nine Below Zero - RTL


Monsoon & Landslides - National Geographics 

Diverse Music for ORF,  Filmwerkstatt Wien, Langbein  & Skalnik, 

Rlots of music for Red Bull...  

Music for ORF  "Echt Fett

Echt Fett
langbein & skalnik
Red Bull
Red Zack
National Geographic

ORF- Shows:

Andy Bartosh was music producer for the ORF Shows "Starmania" & "Helden von Morgen" from 2002-2007 & Starmania 2021.

He was also guitarist of the Dancing Stars Orchestra for the ORF Show "Dancing Stars" from 2005- 2011



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