Music projects as a leader:

 Andy Bartosh- "Radio 1" (1993),  Andy Bartosh- "ZZ74" (2005),  Andy Bartosh- "Wildnis" (2015)  

Alice In the Fields (1995-2000):  2 Albums: Lost In Dreams, Smile, 3 Singles. 

Andy´s title "smile" reached top chart positions in Austria, Russia & Spain), more than 35 weeks heavy rotation on Ö3 and other stations. AITF was a duo project by Myriam Filz & Andy Bartosh.

Triomobü Quartett (2009-2017): 2 albums, Andy wrote most of the songs and lyrics. He arranged, produced, and mixed the Albums. 

Trickopop (2007) : A album project by andy Bartosh, Volker Wadauer and Mirjam Wällstedt.The song "paint the world" was covered by Curt Smith from Tears For Fears.

Current project- from 2019 until now:


"Andy Bartosh Xperience" (click for more infos)

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alice in the fields.jpg
alice in the fields.jpg

Founder of Jam Music Lab Conservatory/

Private University:

Jam Music Lab was founded and built up from scratch by:

Andy BartoshMarcus Ratka & Joe Valentin

Works as shareholder & chief executive from 2011-2017  

Since 2017 Andy is lecturer of Solistenensemble, Stageband, Guitar (main subject)


Jam Music Lab Conservatory 

Jam Music Lab Private University (since 2017)



Music collaborations with other artists (alphabetical order):

Alice In The Fields  ·  

Balis  ·  

Monika Ballwein  ·  

Bass Encounters (DVD prod. with Rufus Reid,

Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen u.a) ·

Music for Red bull ·

Doretta Carter ·

Heli Deinboek ·

Birgit Denk ·

Alex Deutsch ·

Krzysztof Dobrek ·

Donovan ·

Bumi Fian ·

Filmwerkstatt Wien ·

Rounder Girls ·

Jazz Gitti ·

Go feat. Eddie Cole ·

Magdalena Grabher ·

Roman Gregory ·

Patrice Heral ·

karl Hodina ·

Florian Holoubeck ·

Claudia K.·

Alex Kahr ·

Tini Kainrath ·

Karmakanic · 

Carl Kaye · 

Peter Kraus ·

johannes Krisch ·

Hansi Lang ·

Langbein & Skalnik ·

Oliver Malli ·

Paulus Manker ·

Georgij Makazaria ·

Edita Madita Malovcic ·

Idris Muhammad ·

National Geographics ·

Kurt Ostbahn ·

Stefan Pelzl · 


Richard Österreicher ·  

Thomas Rabitsch ·

Karl Ratzer ·

Louisiana Red · 

Jonas Reingold · 


Karl Sayer ·

Christina Stürmer · 

Wolfgang Schlögl · 

Joschi Schneeberger ·

Straichelzoo ·

Harri Stojka ·

Sü-vaal ·

Valerie Sajdik ·

Slow Club ·

Mick Taylor ·

Trickopop ·

Triomobü Quartett ·

Franziska Weisz ·

Stefan Weber ·

Heimo Wiederhofer ·

Klaus Wienerroither · 

Paul Urbanek 

and many more.....

Composer of music for film, commercials, ORF:

Secrets Of Eden - TV Asahi  (Japan)

Al Capone The Untouchable Legend 

Nine Below Zero - RTL


Monsoon & Landslides - National Geographics 

Diverse Music for ORF,  Filmwerkstatt Wien, Langbein  & Skalnik, 

Rlots of music for Red Bull...  

Music for ORF  "Echt Fett

Echt Fett
langbein & skalnik
Red Bull
Red Zack
National Geographic

ORF- Shows:

Andy Bartosh was music producer for the ORF Shows "Starmania" & "Helden von Morgen" from 2002-2007 & Starmania 2021.

He was also guitarist of the Dancing Stars Orchestra for the ORF Show "Dancing Stars" from 2005- 2011



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