Gitarre Unterricht via Skype

Interrested in new skills, techniqes, tips & tricks? Here you can book Skype or Zoom lessons. 

I love to teach guitarists of all leves. However, mediocre or advanced players will benefit the most. The styles are mostly different Jazz and Improvisation - Blues- Rock, and a little of everything else- Folk, Country and stuff. 


If you just want to learn something about sound, tone, equipment, or  recording stuff - I have many years of experience and I guess I´m able to give you valuable tips in these areas. An hour lasts 45 minutes, lessons in German or English.


Organizational and financial matters:


Just contact me via mail to make an appointment. Usually the first hour can take place after 1-2 weeks.


A Skype Lesson costs € 50.-  and lasts 45 minutes. You can pay these lessons via Paypal or bank transfer. 


Please enter "Vienna, Austria" in the online shop - then the algorithm does not calculate shipping costs. 


**Alle Preisangaben inkl. 20% Mwst.

  All prices include 20% VAT


Guitar lessons with Andy Bartosh via Skype (or Zoom)

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